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Change of the deadly provisions in the Finance Act, 2017

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There are some deadly provisions in the Finance Act, 2017; which actually makes corruption legal in India. 

First, a quick recap of the deadly provisions in the Finance Act, 2017 [From] 

The Bill gives super powers to Income Tax officials. Now the officers can enter any property and search any person without giving any real reason as to why they are doing so. 

The Bill enables anybody to donate to political parties anonymously using a new instrument called “Electoral Bonds”. Donations from foreign sources, if any, will also be anonymous. 

Earlier there was a cap on how much donations a company can give to a political party. That cap has been removed. 

Aadhaar Cards will be mandatory for filing income tax returns. What’s more, if a person does not link his/her PAN card with their Aadhaar, the PAN will be rendered invalid after July 1, 2017. 

This bill merges together eight different tribunals into other existing ones. Tribunals are quasi-judicial bodies which exist for dispute resolution. Earlier, the way in which members of these tribunals are chosen was done in different ways & governed by separate laws. Some required recommendations from the judiciary, some were chosen by a special steering committee etc. Now, with the new Finance Bill that’s been passed yesterday, the Centre can choose the members through a simple Gazette notification.

If These provisions remain such deadly, every single political party in India may get corrupt in no time. Every single citizen who will talk against the government may get harassed. If there isn't a change in these provisions, you may also get harassed by the opposition party of the party you support, if they come in power.

So, that's why we want a change of those provisions ASAP, to decrease the chances of probable corruption in the political parties of India. 

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