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The Indian Government: Stop the persecution of Pinki Pramanik and recognise Intersex people .

Intersex people have for time immemorial been persecuted on the basis of anatomies that d not comply with hetronormative sex expectation. India has a long history of discriminating against people of diverse sex and gender. The charges brought against Pinki are sexist and homophobic. we call upon the Indian government t stop this travesty and immediately enact anti discrimination law that would protect Intersex and further provisions to protect people from sex normalization and assignments against their will. If Pinki is Intersex and lives in the gender role of a woman she has the right to that and must given legal rights to her lived gender role ...even if that is neither man or woman.

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  • the Honerable prime minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh
    The Indian Government
  • Chief Minister of West Bengal
    Dr. Mamata Bannerjee's
  • Governor of West Bengal
    Mr.M. K. Narayanan

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