Alberta: The Independent State

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Many Albertans are discouraged by the lack of enthusiasm from many in the other provinces of Canada over what Alberta has to offer economically and politically. While Alberta sends equalization payments across the country, it seems as if there is little thanks or gratefulness for the support that Alberta provides the rest of the country. Should the province take it or do something about it?

This petition serves as not only an inquiry into how many people think that we need to treat the problem by seceding, but if the opinions are strong enough at this petition reaches high enough numbers, then to bring this concern to the Provincial Government. Addressing this problem for the purpose of this survey is leaving Canada, but if leaving Canada becomes the solution, then there will be a followup petition to see whether Alberta should become an independent state or if it should join with the United States or some other solution.

Personal story:
I am a concerned Albertan who is curious what the overall provincial thoughts are on this issue. Personally, I see the benefits of staying and leaving, although I do admit that leaving Canada is an exciting endeavour if the movement comes to fruition.