Stop Separating Family’s

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My family and I fled a war zone country and came to Canada in 1997, I was just 3 years old and my sister Camila was only 2 years old. My family and I have lived in Canada for 23 years with NO STATUS, living with the hardship of living with no status we have lost many life opportunities, my sister and I have not been able to pursue our dreams, we have not even been able to pursue careers. Despite all our hardships, my family still remained happy, because we have always been together, we have made Canada our home, we have integrated our entire families lives here in Canada, We believe in our hearts that we are Canadian, and want to continue to be Canadian, My family has fully accepted my sexual orientation and they love me without condition. It is very rare for a minority family to accept their Lgbtq+ son or daughter even here in Canada, I am blessed to have my mother and fathers full support, Our lives are not a simple file on a desk, we are close loving family. Now my family is at risk of slowly being separated, On June 30th of this year we lost my father to a sudden deportation order, and now we are in constant fear of losing our mother Celina, Our families dreams are like all of your dreams, we want to watch out parents grow old with us right by their side, we want to have them with us as we make life changing decisions, we want them to hold our hands as we walk down the isle, we want them to hold their grandchildren, we want to cherish every moment we can with them, we want to have them right in front of our eyes when they need us most. They devoted their entire life raising us, taking care of us, being their for us when we needed them most, and it is our turn to hold them, take care of them, to fight for them when they can’t fight for themselves anymore, it is our turn to be their for them when they need us most. I want to live in peace and harmony with my family here in canada. All we want in this world is for our family to be together once again and to stop the deportation of my mother Celina, to give her the chance to be safe. My family is being torn apart one by one and separating us away from one another. Our lives are at very high risk of DEATH if we are to be deported,. Our father was taken from us on Father’s Day and deported to the wrong country, everyday we live in constant fear of losing our mother, my sister and I also live in fear of deportation as well, because we are stateless, we are unsure of where we will end up, we are citizens of NO country, we are Canadian in our hearts. If my mother is deported, and we are deported we will all be separated into 3 different countries, We will be leaving our two Canadian born brothers behind. Stateless People living in Canada are not protected, our human rights are being violated. Laws need to change, Canada as a nation must be made aware of these circumstances, there are many of us who live in Canada under these circumstances. I will be the voice for the silent people who are afraid to speak out. Please help spread the word and sign the petition to stop my family from being deported and separated. Save us from getting sent where our lives are put at risk of personal persecution and or death Please break this silence.
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