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The Immigration Minister: Stop the deportation and mistreatment of 2 brothers in Canada

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The Immigration Minister Jason Kenney

I am writing to fellow Canadian,  and the whole of humanity. I need your help;

I have been married to my wife for 7 years and been a stepfather to her 2 sons. My whole family is been destroyed by bureaucracy and immigration debacle. I have come across 2 immigration Lawyers who took our money, but failed to file papers into the immigration.


The lasted is a woman called Monica Willie, who turned out to be another Immigration consultant fraud. Now my 2 boys and my wife facing deportation, if that is not bad enough, A Canadian Border control Officer C.Maus # 19977 withdrew  MY STEPSON Jordan's Healthcare . The Border Officer was told by a letter from the Doctor stating he needs to see the Heart specialist.If he does not , chances  of my stepson Jordan dying are very high

Officer Maus  made it clear that he is in charge of  Jordan's welfare while in Canada,and could use his authority and discretion but chose not too. Officer Maus made this life and death decision for the whole of Canada., without judge and jury present and making a medical decisions, been warned by real doctor not to deport my  Stepson..

To give you a little history of my Stepson, he was a Grade A student, at the age of 14 he was arrested by the police for sexual assault, While in custody he was beaten, spat on, kicked by officers in 54 division. It took 2 years in the court system finally for him to be found not guilty.

My Stepson refused all plea deals, what were offered to him to clear his name. But in them 2 years, he tried to take his own life 5 times. I thought after the Not Guilty verdict life would get back to normal. But after all my stepsons experiences with the police it has taken his toll. He has now been diagnosed with conduct disorder, anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, He was arrested on the 17th of June 2012 by 43 divisions again charged with something he did not do. While he was arrested he was so badly beaten that his Jaw was broken and he lost his hearing in his right ear. I personally find it outrageous the way my wife and my 2 stepsons have been persecuted.I believe now it is political, since I am a survivor of sexual abuse in the 70s and brought a LAWSUITS;  against SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE against the Ontario Government in 2003 and won.  My young life and my innocent was taken from me. And believe me when I say the road I traveled towards adulthood has been a struggle, the choice for me to have my own children was taken away,by all the SEXUAL, PHYSICAL assault what I gone through in  PINE RIDGE & BROOKSIDE TRAINING SCHOOLS .I finally found a woman who is strong enough to stand by me, who can cope with my passed  and understands the way I react. My past has left a physiological scared, but my wife is a very strong minded individual, with a great heart and spirit. Now I would like to ask You Sir to help me to keep my family in Canada. I am as a Canadian feel I have a right to find some kind of peace, happiness and have a family. My wife is a very educated woman, she is a Nursery Nurse for Special Needs Children, My older boy has just graduated from High School with honors .My youngest son is a lost soul, but I would like to guide him back on the right road, showing him that not all Canadian are heartless and still care about humanity, and ever an individual.

Thank you for taking time to read my email


W Ackerman  


Lee's Fiancee Shardae, Jordan's girlfriend Stephanie and the boys Mom & Stepdad To stop this injustice.


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