Replace speed climbing with campusing in the 2024 Olympic games

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Sport climbing has recently been added as an event to the upcoming 2020 Olympic games, which will help bring the sport much needed recognition and popularity. However, many climbers are unhappy with the system in place, whereby athletes must compete in lead, boulder and speed, all in one medal. Speed climbing is very much seen as a separate sport by the vast majority of climbers, and most lead or bouldering athletes won't have much, or any, speed climbing experience in their career. This is why I, and many other climbers I have spoken to, believe it would be in the best interest of not only the athletes, but the sport as a whole, to replace speed climbing in the Olympic games with something much more popular: campusing.

As seen in the world famous 'Tour de BIFF' (Beastmakers International Footless Festival), where world class athletes compete in an entirely footless competition, campusing is extremely popular amongst almost all climbers. Also, the number of official IFSC speed climbing walls is very limited, with currently only 2 across the UK, whereas any athlete with access to any kind of bouldering wall will be able to train for a campusing event just as easily as the other two medals, if not easier. This means that athletes competing in the sport climbing medal in the Olympic games will not have to train for something vastly different from their own discipline, with very limited facilities, but will be able to compete in something familiar and loved among the climbing community, which I'm sure would be a welcome change among all athletes and climbers across the globe. At this current time, preparations for speed climbing in the 2020 Olympics will have already been made, so it is too late to ask for a change in the upcoming Olympics. However, the 2024 Olympic games, set to be held in Lima, Peru, are easily far enough away to adopt this change within time. 

If this petition gains enough popularity in the climbing community, it will be sent directly to IFSC president and European representative Wolfgang Wabel.