UA Students Demand More Primary Prevention for Sexual Assault

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To President Robert Robbins, Dean of Students Kendal Washington White, and other UA Administrators:

Sexual assault and violence is a major problem and concern for the University of Arizona not only to students but to staff, faculty, and other people affiliated with the university. Based on recent events at the University of Arizona surrounding sexual violence, we, the “I Will” Board of Directors and UA students, are writing in solidarity with sexual violence survivors both past and present on the University of Arizona campus to demand an increased budget for fully funded sexual violence prevention services.

According to the Association of American Universities survey data for the University of Arizona, LGBTQ students and students who are in a sorority are most at risk for experiencing sexual assault at UA. Also according to this data, since starting at the University of Arizona 22.1% of undergraduate and 11% of graduate female students, 6.2% of undergraduate and 3% of graduate male students, 21.7% of LGB students, and 21.3% of students with a disability have experienced sexual violence.

 At the University of Arizona, approximately $42,690 was explicitly spent on sexual violence primary prevention efforts for the 2016-2017 school year not including grants. At other comparable institutions this figure is, on average, at least $150,000- $200,000 for just primary prevention efforts. Both of these figures do not include secondary prevention aimed towards people who have been assaulted or violence mitigation/response such as Title IX efforts. With more than 4,000 students being assaulted each year. This means that for every assault we are spending next to nothing to prevent assaults from occurring in the first place.

Taking this all into account, we believe that the University of Arizona has a duty and obligation to fund more primary prevention efforts for sexual violence on campus including but not limited to: three full time sexual violence prevention staff positions, 15 paid SPEAC Peer Educators, 2 GA positions focusing on sexual violence prevention, an operating budget of at least $9,000 for prevention efforts to be used by a coordinator, and at least six paid sexual assault survivor advocates to help serve survivors of assault cope with trauma and navigate resources and reporting processes if desired.

The “I Will” Board of Directors


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