Should Hypixel Remove All Bans And Start Fresh?

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I've been banned False Banned on Hypixel. They've denied my 2 appeals when I try to explain to them in detail, that their AntiCheat FALSE BANNED me for no reason. I am very upset about it and I highly doubt that Hypixel even read appeals. It's very frustrating to me that I've been straight up ignored. But then again, why would a server with over 20,000 constantly active players, accept MY appeal from 1/20,000 players. Well. here's why. I have a video showing proof that the false banned me. I really hope they take this into consideration and at least fix their anti-cheat or unban me. I've tested this on 2 different accounts, and the results were the same. By the 3rd account, I got IP-Banned. Which made me even more frustrated. I've live-streamed myself playing on their server many times with many views. I've also asked them, that if they don't want to unban me, at least let me speak with the some Staff Members via LIVE chat or call. Didn't even answer that question. I've also asked them to at least help me on the forums or give me tips. But they deleted my forum post. I'm completely fed up.