To provide safety measures to The Humber Bridge to minimise the risk of suicide attempts

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By signing and sharing this petition, we hope to secure The Humber Bridge to prevent or significantly reduce, the amount of suicide attempts. There are those who will argue it will affect the structure of the bridge. However, plans have been put in place previously for this to go ahead but due to funding was unable to. How many more people have to be affected before the powers that be step in!! We don’t want glass lifts, we want the lives that been affected by ‘falling from the bridge’ to be honoured, recognised and make a difference to others. These tragic events don’t only affect the family and friends that have lost someone, but also the people that witness this. I set this page up after the devastating news of a young boy from my daughters school loosing his life. This page has been supporting people and speaking with The Humber Bridge Board since this time. Humber Bridge Board, you have a duty to listen to your public. This will not cure poor mental health. However, if we don’t do anything, more and more people will become affected and the impact this will have on the public’s mental health will increase. To date there have been in excess of 200 deaths, it is outrageous that nothing has changed. Thank you