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The Humane Society, 2100 L St., NW,Washington, D.C. 20037: Please train people to investigate and prosecute show horse abuse.

There is a great need for an organization not affiliated with showing to study the abuse of show horses; determine the signs of various types of show horse abuse (such as the abuse of western pleasure horses via such techniques as hang-tying, dressage horses via such techniques as rollkur, and gaited horses via such techniques as use abuse to create an exaggerated gait); train people to accurately detect the differences between legitimate training on the one hand and abusive techniques on the other; and then to dispatch the appropriately trained people to investigate, report to law enforcement, and then prosecute abusers of show horses. The horse show organizations themselves are too corrupted by donations from top trainers and owners, and by the trainers and owners who hold the top offices.

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