Save Our Hudson Waterfront--and get big trucks off our streets!

Save Our Hudson Waterfront--and get big trucks off our streets!

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Started by David Konigsberg

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, love the Hudson Waterfront and believe it can be developed as an active, vibrant center of new opportunity for the whole community. We support:

·      Enhanced recreational opportunities, including boating and fishing, hiking, dining, shopping, public sports and events—all of which will increase economic activity and employment;

·       Housing and commercial spaces consistent with the city’s historic riverfront character and designed to leverage the area’s abundant natural resources;

·      Marinas, suppliers, boat launches and other infrastructure that will maximize access to the Hudson River and increase enjoyment for the whole community;

·      Conservation of wildlife, wetlands and other irreplaceable ecological features of the Hudson River and protected South Bay Creek & Marsh

Given the great opportunity our Waterfront represents, we strongly oppose noisy, dusty, polluting and hazardous uses there. We firmly believe such incompatible uses jeopardize the immense opportunity before us by inhibiting public access to the river, curtailing commercial activity, reducing popular enjoyment, and discouraging economic development that will benefit the entire city and future generations.

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846 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!