Tell Hudson County Freeholders to Opt Out of the ICE Contract Today!

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 For decades, Hudson County has been a welcoming community and bastion of democratic values. But on Thursday, July 12, this stronghold of progressivism was betrayed when the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders, in an astonishingly swift 5-2 vote, chose to contract once again with the federal agency of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As you know, ICE is responsible for the recent rash of cruel, heinous, and inhumane practices inflicted on those seeking refuge and/or asylum. Make no mistake, Hudson County - with that vote, our Freeholders have made us all complicit in this machine which is tearing families apart on a daily basis. This is your tax dollars at work. 

Senator Bob Menendez, himself the son of asylum seekers, has been blunt, ‘I would not be supporting... ICE's mission as it relates to detaining individuals, particularly those who are just seeking a better pathway to their lives or who are seeking asylum.  I'm all for the detention of criminal aliens. but overwhelmingly what we're talking about is people who either are fleeing horrific violence or ultimately seeking a better path in their lives as so many people who came to this country did. So I don't like assisting the Trump administration in that regard."

We encourage everyone to attend the next Freeholders meeting, currently scheduled for August 9, again at 1pm. Although the timing is challenging, this might be the last chance for your voice to be heard.  We must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and we must fight for those who have nowhere else to go because that’s what America is all about.