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My son Antoin Uchechukwu Akpom lost his life as a result of a MAPPA Transfer

I am asking for change in the way dangerous criminals are being transferred under MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement) to other cities whilst putting members of the community at risk. Authorities are not accountable or taking responsibilities when things go wrong or being  incompetent. These agencies are made up of:  (Young Offenders Team, Prison Team, Police, Social Services etc)

A gang member was transferred from London to Leicester in August 2013 when he murdered my son. He was deemed a danger to community and categorised a MAPPA 3. Moved from Enfield to Leicester as he breeched his gang order and was thought to be a danger to the community as well as being at risk from other gang members. Within a month of his transfer he murdered my son. (My son had an argument with another person from Leicester who shared cell with the person who killed my son. There was no argument between the perpetrator or my son whom he neither knew or met before) this person took it upon himself to go behind my son's back whilst he was arguing and stab him with a 12" kitchen knife.) I believe that if he was not present that day during the argument my son would still be alive today. (the perpetrator has a list of criminal offences including affrays, questioned as he was associated with members of the gang involved in murder.

The authorities responsible and involved in the transfer has denied any  responsibility or accountability for the individual that was transferred. My son was a good inspirational influence in his community and had never been in trouble in his life. He was a football coach, fiancé and father to a son who at the time was one year old. A serious case review was taken place however the family was not allowed to see the report or given details of any findings only told that things would be put in place to ensure it did not happen again. Our case is not the first of such a thing happening. In London alone there are 20,000 dangerous criminals released to go on committing serious crimes which includes knife crimes, Grievous Bodily Harm or even fatality. A percentage of these perpetrators are informants. The family are left to pick up the pieces and continuously face barriers when trying to get to the truth on events leading up to the murder in regards of the transfer of the perpetrator to Leicester, who was responsible for the decision and why. Questions on how the trial was handled along with events that occurred after the murder and before the trial. This is not an isolated incident there are other families experiencing this. This affects all communities, there is an issue on safeguarding everyone has the right to live and the state has a duty of care to protect life and the right to life under the Human Rights Act Article 2. As a mother who lost her son I know what it feels like to get that call. Your son has been stabbed only to find out when you arrive that he died an hour before you arrive. No Mother Should Have To Bury There Child. Its about time authorities of establishments were made accountable for incompetence leading to fatal mistakes made. I need support to make change


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