Urgent call to support Senator Abetz as he confronts a totalitarian regime

Urgent call to support Senator Abetz as he confronts a totalitarian regime

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We express our grave concerns at the unfounded attacks on Senator Eric Abetz for his open confrontation of Chinese Totalitarian Regime.

我们对于阿貝茨(Eric Abetz)参议员因公开对抗中共极权政府而遭到无端攻击的行为表示强烈关注。

●      We are alarmed by the accusation that “racism” was the driving force for Senator Abetz’s valid questions posed at the October 14 Senate Inquiry.
●      我们对10月14日阿貝茨在参议院听证会上提出的合理问题被人指控为“种族主义” 驱动,表示震惊。      

● Three witnesses at the inquiry participated in “individual capacity” as Australian-Chinese. Their views do NOT represent the entire community and subsequent accusations published in the media should be viewed with caution.
●      三名澳籍华人证人以“个人名义”参加了听证会,其观点不能代表整个澳洲华人社区。而随后在媒体报道中对阿貝茨参议员的攻击更应该予以谨慎审视。

●      They acknowledged that the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a dismal human rights record, yet stopped short of condemning the regime - a point  Senator Abetz made in context and without disrespect to the witnesses.
●      这三位证人承认中共政府有不光彩的人权纪录,但不屑于谴责中共。阿貝茨参议员陈述的观点适用于其他类似极权政权,并无对证人不尊重。

●      Condemnation of the CCP is not racist. The unfounded attacks on Senator Abetz have misled the public and members of Government.
●       我们完全相信,谴责中共不是种族歧视,因为中共不代表中国人民。而那些对阿貝茨参议员无根据的指责已经误导了大众和政府成员。

●      The CCP is not a democratically elected government, and the Chinese people are the very victims of the regime.  Over 70 million Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese died of the CCP brutality. 
●      中共不是一个民主选举的政府,而中国人民则是这个政权的最直接受害者。7千万中国同胞(包括海外)死于中共暴政。

●      It appears that like many other Chinese Australians,  three witnesses were reluctant to express their views due to their fear of the CCP, which demonstrates the CCP’s infiltration in Australia has reached an alarming level.
●      显然,与其他澳洲华人一样,那三名证人因惧怕中共而不愿公开表达其观点。而这一现象证明了中共对澳大利亚的渗透已经达到了令人震惊的程度。

Request for Action 请求

1)     Acknowledge condemnation of any totalitarian dictatorship, including the CCP, to be necessary when protecting Australia’s sovereignty and democratic values.

2)     Ensure the safety of the Australian citizens by identifying any false representations of racism which compromises social cohesion.
Australian Values Alliance

1,304 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!