Stop rewarding parental alienation

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I have barely seen my teenage son in 17months and I am heartbroken.

I believe The Child Support Act is encouraging my ex-partner to ensure that my son does not spend any significant time with me.

Child support payments set by the Child Support Agency almost double when one parent does not spend significant time with their child.

I tried to access mediation through Family Relationships Australia but my ex-partner refused to participate. I sought legal advice and was told that it would take tens of thousands of dollars and several years to get to a court trail and that by that time my son's age would make the process pointless.

The Child Support Act needs to be changed so that the main care giver is encouraged to facilitate a relationship with the other parent and the rest of their family (where-ever possible). If a parent refuses contact to another parent that wants a relationship with their child, without reasonable grounds, then child support payments should be set at a base rate so the withholding parent is not rewarded.

There should also be a mandatory requirement to attend mediation to establish a parenting arrangement before a child support application is approved. This would have the added and sorely needed benefit of taking at least some pressure off of the Family Court.

I have lodged a petition to the Parliament of Australia. The petition number is: EN0630. Please also sign that petition at the address below: