Help stalking victims – Back the Stalking Protection Bill to give police more powers

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More than one million people are affected by stalking each year and as an Editor at Fabulous Daily we have interviewed and written about dozens of victims. That’s why we are campaigning to get better protection for them.

Actress Kym Marsh is backing our campaign and recently told us how she was sent pornographic hate mail to her home address, received unwanted gifts from a stranger, and has had people imitate her and her children on social media sites. 

Her character Michelle Connor in Coronation Street was also a victim of stalking – she was spied on by bitter ex-partner Will and eventually drugged and kidnapped.

It might be a soap storyline, but for men and women across the country stalking is very real. It is a terrifying insidious crime that can often make them fear for their lives.

Tragically, far too many vulnerable people have been murdered by their stalker before the police could intervene. That's why we are urging people to support the Stalking Protection Bill.

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP’s bill which is currently going through Parliament would give police the power to apply for a Stalking Protection Order from magistrates’ courts at an early stage.

The order would stop the stalker from contacting the victim while the case is investigated and if he or she broke the order the penalty would be five years in prison - rather than waiting until it may be too late.

About one in five women and one in 10 men will experience some kind of stalking behaviour in their adult lifetime, according to the crime survey for England and Wales. 

Dr Wollaston says: "Stalkers leave their victims feeling powerless and frightened and it is time to take action to put an end to their crimes and to stop this dangerous behaviour escalating to violence." 

The more public pressure there is to make this happen, the more likely it is that the bill will be passed and police will have the power to apply for a Stalking Protection Order at an early stage.

Right now stalkers think they can carry on tormenting their victim because they think nothing will happen to them until they cross the criminal threshold and are convicted in court. Let’s not let any more people suffer while their stalker continues to ruin their lives. 

Please sign this petition for the UK Government to back the Stalking Protection Bill.

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