Mandatory Armed Security in all Schools

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After the horrific Florida shootings last week, it has become abundantly clear that action needs to be taken to better protect the youth and future of America. Seventeen students and staff were murdered, while fourteen additional students were taken to the hospital for injuries. It would be unnecessary for me to state the facts as far as school shootings in the history of our country, they can be found online and I urge people to look into them, just to understand how truly horrific these situations and actions are. In many of these cases, armed security was absent from the school entirely or at the time of the shooting. Gaining knowledge into how well a school is secured is not a difficult task, and many of the perpetrators entered the school/ area because of the absence security. There is a great amount of discussion going on about mental health, and the laws pertaining to guns in our country. I would like to state my personal opinion; and that is that gun laws are not the problem right now, but mental health and lack of security in some of our most vulnerable locations is. There is a very real danger present, and I believe we should handle the task of installing security before worrying about the weapons being used. There have been many school shootings without assault rifles and we need protection to prevent any form of attack. Banning a certain type of weapon is not going to prevent mentally unstable people from acting on their ill-willed impulses. In the case of the recent Florida shooting, there "safety" features include "fences, gates and emergency procedures". This is quite frankly a disgrace, and I'm terribly sorry for those who sent their loved ones to a place that was supposed to be safe, but was only so artificially. I'd like to ask anyone who reads this, would any of  safety features listed above stop someone who had any type of weapon from entering the school to do harm? The answer is undoubtedly, no. It does not matter what type of weapon one chooses to use, if there is no security present there is absolutely nothing stopping someone from doing these horrible things we have seen too many times. Those who wished to do harm would still find ways to access dangerous weapons and people would have no legitimate form of protection. Nevertheless, these issues can be handled at a later time, but there is a very clear problem that needs taken care of now. The perpetrator in the Florida case had attended the high school, and knew how to access the gates and deactivated any safety systems the school had in-place by triggering the fire alarm. There needs to be mandatory protection and security in every school, and that is the bottom line.  According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are around 98,000 public schools and 33,000 private schools. If public and private school (not including post secondary institutions yet because of their size), had at least one to two armed security that would create from around 131,000 to 262,000 new or restored jobs and dramatically help prevent situations like this from happening in the future and at the very least make them much less frequent. Obviously, there are many hurdles to climb if we wanted to enact this, but I believe it is certainly possible. Obstacles such as the amount of trained professionals available comes to mind, but there are many options we could explore. Police officers that are off duty or close to retirement could be available, as well as opening up the option to request a security job at a school. With military budget taking up between 50-55% of our annual federal spending budget, we could transition some of the funds in said place to getting this underway. I understand that this may seem like a tall task, but many public places around the country are currently secured. It can be argued that schools are the most important places to protect, and we are currently failing to do so, and will continue to fail unless security is lawfully enacted in our school systems. Please sign this petition to make way for mandatory armed security in schools across America. 

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