The Hound Should Serve Brunch on Fridays, Not Just Saturdays and Sundays

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Family, Fellow Millennials, People I admire who I wish weren't reading this,

Step into a scenario with me. It's a beautiful Friday morning. You've had a social the night before. You're a senior with no Friday classes. What are you going to do with your day? There are almost endless possibilities. Except one. You definitely won't be getting brunch.

I dream of a world where that harsh reality is softened a bit. It is with this determination that I ask you to join me in urging local eatery, The Hound, to open it's doors and welcome the hungry on Friday mornings. 

What is the only thing than can cure that post-social migraine? What's the best way to kick off the weekend, one of the remaining few you'll have in your beloved college town? What's the best setting to rehash the drama of the night before?


To all of these questions, brunch is the answer. A large coffee, a three-egg omelet, and $15 bottomless are the only possible responses. Why then, is this not a true possibility. I argue it can be, and it can be profitable. 

A need has been felt and an answer identified. The solution is simple. Show the culinary wizards operating that den of Bourbon and Bacon sitting at 124 Tichenor Avenue that we need them on Friday mornings.

Please, join me and sign below.



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