Hold Government Accountable to Build Mercury Poisoning Treatment Centre in Grassy Narrows

I am a 13 years old child. I thought that I couldn't help people until I am an adult. But now, I changed my mind. I started my petition few days ago. It was because I had the assignment. I had to research about 'Grassy Narrows Youth'. The story was very dissapointing. So I determined that I will help them. It could be just a small thing. Writing a petition that nobody but my friends and acquaitance comes in and signs. I wanted to somehow increase my supporters and asked my parents and their friends to sign. I knew that was the wronge way to do it. So I signed on this petition, and I want to have people who are wanting to help 'Grassy Narrows Youth' to sign on my petition.
If it is not courtesy, can I requesst you to sign on my petition?
Thank you.

Han Dowon, Gangnam, South Korea
8 months ago
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