Decision Maker Response

Tom Mulcair’s response

Oct 15, 2015 — Thank you for signing the petition calling for a national pharmacare program for Canadians.

Canada is the only developed country with universal health care that does not have universal prescription drug coverage, even though 90% of Canadians think Medicare should include prescription drugs.

The failure of successive Liberal and Conservative governments to introduce a national pharmacare program has resulted in Canadians paying $6 billion per year out-of-pocket for prescriptions. In fact, drug costs have gone up 62% under the Conservatives. The impact on Canadians is profound: one in four Canadian households today includes someone who can’t afford to take the medications prescribed by their doctor.

Only Tom Mulcair and the NDP are committed to reversing the damage Stephen Harper has done to public healthcare in Canada. We will take action on the most urgent priorities, including the high cost of prescription drugs.

An NDP government will work with the provinces and territories to create a national drug plan that provides universal, comprehensive public drug coverage for all Canadians, regardless of where they live or where they work.

To achieve this goal, we will deliver $2.6 billion in new federal funding, reaching $1.5 billion in annual ongoing funding by 2019. This investment has the potential to generate $3 billion in savings for the provinces and territories.

For more information on our plan, please see our platform:

Best regards,
Tom Mulcair
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada