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Petitioning The Honourable Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer of Trinidad and Tobago

To shed light on the state of salary negotiations for doctors employed by the various RHA's and expedite the fair settlement of our overdue wage increases.

As we approach the end of two salary negotiation periods (2009-11, 2012-14) doctors are still working on the same salary last updated in 2008. Whilst all other public employees have benefitted from increased wages since that time, doctors have continued to work in a high stress environment with ever increasing patient burdens on the same salary. Inflation over the past 6 years have made this a formidable challenge and sadly today, we are unable to say what is the state of our salary negotiations and when we can expect to have proper compensation for our skill set and the majority of our time. Our bargaining body (MPATT) lies in a state of disarray at this time and seems unable to effect change in any positive or timely manner.

We would like to reiterate the comments and findings of the commission of enquiry into the operation and delivery of public health care services in Trinidad and Tobago which highlighted the effect of inadequate remuneration on the morale, motivation and productivity of staff. Lack of proper compensation packages also significantly impacts upon the decision by many nationals to not return to this country to offer their services after completion of their specialist training.

Everyday, doctors head to work on a salary last revised in 2008, doing more hours month after month, whilst being portrayed in a negative light despite struggling in a failing system to provide quality healthcare. Physician satisfaction and motivation seems to be at an all time low in Trinidad and Tobago and this can only negatively impact the delivery of health care in our beautiful country. Kindly rectify this situation in both a fair and timely manner for all parties involved.

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  • The Honourable Prime Minister, Minister of Health and Chief Medical Officer of Trinidad and Tobago

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