Tamilnadu students should be selected for state medical seats based on their 12th mark.

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The majority of students(90%) of Tamilnadu state are studying the state board syllabus called Matriculation Board , but the common entrance exam conducted for medical graduation namely "NEET" throughout India was conducted based on a different syllabus called CBSC syllabus , 

forcing the students to write an exam on  a syllabus which they have not studied or taught is a great injustice to them .


moreover different type of question papers were set for different language, how this exam be cosidered as a common entrace exam?

since Tamilnadu students were not prepared the CBSC syllabus they have to be exempted from NEET exam till the state government change the syllabus in all schools.

The students and their parents are  worried very much about their future .

We pray our honourable president to direct the authorities to exempt Tamilnadu students from NEET exam till the common syllabus is implemented.