Home based beauty- alignment of restrictions eased in Victoria as per commercial.

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As per DHHS website when restrictions are lifted to enable hairdressers and beauty to resume trading, the same can’t be said for home based beauty businesses as they must have a seperate entrance to the salon which also includes a separate toilet.

Most home based beauty therapists and hairdressers use a dedicated beauty room within their home. This will not be allowed for the foreseeable future.

A home based business should be able to operate under a covid safe plan as any other business. It makes sense as the amount of people using the same space at any one time would be a maximum of 2. Beauty therapist and the Customer.

The area can be deep cleaned between customers. The level of hygiene is more likely to be more thorough than a commercial premise.

Covid safe plan, temperature taking and all the other guidelines can be followed more so in a home based environment than a big salon.

The mental health and huge financial losses is going to be astronomical.

We, the people of Victoria request this restriction to be aligned with commercial based businesses of the same genre.

Premier Andrews and Professor Brett Sutton please review this.

Thank you