AICTE says: B.Tech, M.Tech not enough for Teachers. Why?

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Issue: Today (14/09/2019) the AICTE had disclosed that it is making one year course of 8 modules as mandatory for any Teaching professional in Engineering. This is applicable to serving staff and aspirants also. This means that the 7 - 8 lakhs of engineering, management, pharmacy teachers will have to spend time, energy, money (not inclusive of fee if any applicable) to prove their own skills which they have been relentlessly proving every day, month and year by nurturing millions of engineering & professional graduates. 

Truth: The AICTE quoting "specific training module for technical teachers suited to their needs" is indeed far from truth and reality. Engineering & professional degrees are learnt a lifetime and the learning never seizes even for the top scientists and experts at their ripe old ages. The 3 or 4 year course is only an eye opener for the students, in which they learn discipline, moral, ethics and just enter in to various subjects pertaining to their brach of study. No engineer or scientist, is expert in more than a handful of subjects. That is the quantum of knowledge. 

Economic oppressions: On the other side of the coin, the teachers are suffering from non implementation of even the 6th-pay salary structure, non-payment of salaries for months, certificates withholding, no Pf, no gratuity, no job security: with the AICTE itself removing 1,00,000 teachers from engineering stream alone by reducing the teacher requirement to 25% by FSR 1:20 last academic year 2018-19. Teachers work for as less as Rs.12,000p.m.

At this inhumane and famine hit environment for teachers, the AICTE bringing new survival risks time and again, is totally against fundamental rights this nation had stood for, for-long. Kindly intervene and do justice for the several lakhs teachers by withdrawing this catastrophic plan!!

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