Speedy trial and swift punishment for the accused of rape and murder of Dr.Priyanka

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Dear Sir,

The savage rape and gruesome murder of Dr. Priyanka has broken every heart and moved every person to tears. There is a sense of outrage mixed with helplessness in the minds of people.
This petition is
1) to request you to speed up the process of trial and punish the culprits without any delay.
2) to amend laws to see that culprits committing heinous crimes like this do not getaway with it under the guise of being minors in age.
3) to identify crime Infested areas and increase patrolling by police in those areas.
4) to have CCTV cameras installed in such high possibility of crime areas and monitor 24×7
5) to display helpline numbers prominently in all such areas.
6) to have a taskforce to promptly attend to such calls to helpline so that precious time is not lost.
7) to have first responder groups from nearby communities for immediate help, to be assigned by the helpline to the place of distress call.
8) to make it compulsory to teach martial arts / self defense in every school.
9) to create awareness of safety measures and situational awareness seminars for citizens travelling alone.
10) to educate women and families how to react in situations.

Sir, we appeal to you for help to make our country a safer place for women.

Thank you.