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Looming Burial Crisis for the ever growing Muslim Community of Blacktown City Council

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This petition is being made to you by the Islamic Association of Western Suburbs Sydney (IAWSS) which is a leading representative community organisation of Muslims in Western Sydney to seek a resolution of acutely declining burial space for the Muslim community residing in Blacktown City.

Muslims are no different from other communities when it comes to soaring cost of burial. However Muslim community is confronting this extremely pressing difficulty, primarily due to perhaps the lowest supply of burial spaces when compared with other communities. This continues to inflict insufferable pain upon ordinary Muslims of Blacktown City Council by making them pay extra costs in addition to the loss of losing a loved one. 

IAWSS is a leading representative community organisation of more than 23,000 Muslim residents of Blacktown. In its representative capacity IAWSS respectfully ask the Blacktown City Council to:

1. urgently expand the Muslim burial capacity at Riverstone Cemetery through allocating sufficient additional space in the facility to IAWSS,

2. consider allocating substantial parcel of land in the upcoming Prospect Cemetery expansion plan to meet increasing demand of Muslim burial needs now and in future,

3. possibly explore establishing a Muslim cemetery through allocating crown land for which Muslim Community is happy to offer a reasonable participation and contribution.

4. make the burial rights openly and equitably available to Muslim individuals strictly at the Council approved burial (interment) rates

Muslim community of Western Sydney remains open to other viable, sustainable and affordable solution(s) and urge Blacktown City Council to put in place immediate measures to resolve looming Muslims burial crisis. In order to further engage with the Muslim community of Blacktown City Council on this particular subject, we request the Council to communicate with the Secretary of IAWSS.

We are keen to work together with the Council through a participative engagement in order to resolve one of the most unnerving, potentially hurting and imminent crisis the community is facing right now. This challenge must be resolved through putting in place a well-planned solution as a matter of high priority and urgency for benefit of the ordinary citizens.


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