We need to lock down Western Australia's Borders and isolate the state's population.

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We need to lock down WA borders and isolate the state population.

We ask and would support the WA Government in taking responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of the population of Western Australia, particularly the sick, the elderly and the indigenous populations, during the current coronavirus pandemic. Stricter rules are needed requiring all inbound travelers to self-isolate for at least 14 days upon entry into the state regardless of whether they are from an international or inter-state destination. This includes any Western Australian residents, Australian citizens returning to the country and international visitors.

In any crisis, leaders have two equally important responsibilities, to solve the immediate problem and to keep it from happening again (and again). (WH Gates)

The rate of transmission from asymptomatic patients is thought to be from 48% to 66% (from the Singapore data), and from 62% to 77% (from the Tianjin data). This means most transmission appears to occur before the first symptoms occur.

Coronavirus cares not who or what you are. There is no treatment and the disease has the potential to swamp the health system here, as it has in other regions and countries throughout the world. We know the only treatment is prevention and restriction of transmission and isolation is the only really effective preventative measure. We are calling for immediate action. Delay will cause undue and potentially catastrophic harm. We must stay ahead of this infection for all our sakes.

Please sign this petition and help us to protect our local population from the high risks associated with travel at this time. Early action is crucial.

Thank you

Nicholas Cooke


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