Re-Establishing Medical Testing in Cuba for Immigration to Canada

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At a recent press conference, the Government of Canada announced that it was planning to make exceptions on border crossings for the purposes of family reunification.  In light of this resolve and while we contend with the global pandemic, I would like to turn your attention to the status of consular services in Cuba and the immigration process. 

In 2019, the Canadian Government re-initiated some services, including accepting Visa Applications and performing Biometric Evaluations.  These services have slowed considerably due to COVID-19.  Currently, Cuban citizens must travel to either Mexico or Trinidad and Tobago to have their medical evaluations for the purposes of immigration.  This creates additional hardship and costs for families trying to reunite. 

It is expected that the pandemic will continue for at least 12 – 18 months, many families are experiencing serious financial hardship due to the economic impact of the virus, and the costs of flights are expected to increase by at least 30% in the next year (again, due to the pandemic).  

In light of these extenuating circumstances, I implore you to start performing medical evaluations at the Havana Embassy, or elsewhere in Cuba. Immigration from Cuba to Canada has always been quite difficult in comparison to migrations from other countries. This petition is written on behalf of Cuban-Canadian families looking to sponsor family members to join them in Canada.  A long and arduous process, which has only been further hindered by Canada's current policies and now by the pandemic.  Re-establishing medical exams at the Consulate in Havana would greatly ease the financial and time burdens families are currently experiencing.