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Make all cyclists over 16 identifiable to all other motorists.

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The time has come with the increase of cyclists on the roads and with it a massive increase in cyclists disobeying the road laws, for all cyclists over the age of 16 to be identifiable on the road so that the ones who do break the road laws are easier to be found accountable! With cases such as the Hells ride (including a fatality involving a pedestrian being killed by a cyclist running a red light), other incidents on roads where cyclists run red lights, pass stationary trams plus a more recent incident of road rage in the Dandenong rangers where a cyclist grabbed the keys from a lady on her way to hospital and threw them down into the Bush leaving her stranded and needing police attendance to help find! There have been other cases of road rage instigated by cyclists as well. To not allow one group of motorists to be unidentifiable when all other cars, motorbikes, trucks, busses, trams and even trains it’s totally discrimatory to all other road users. Simply making it compulsory to wear a high vis vest with either another registration number from the cyclists other vehicles in his household or a one off fee to pay for a vest with a number emblazoned on it would make the bad eggs accountable. It would also make police work easier if a cyclist is injured or worse in a incident. The fee could be $100 and go towards cyclist infrastructure! The time has come to treat or road users equal as I think by not doing so it could lead to a discrimination case or worse still other issues that could have a detrimental effect. 

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