#LyshasLaw - Lower speed limit on old provincial highway Kingsclear 1st Nation

#LyshasLaw - Lower speed limit on old provincial highway Kingsclear 1st Nation

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Sandra Tomer-Atwin started this petition to Denis Landry (Minister of Justice & Public Safety) and


1) Our road at the widest point is 21 feet wide. The width measurement is the total width of the road, including the very minimal “shoulder”. This means that our road is the minimum width, 10’ for each lane.

2) We have no shoulder on one side, no sidewalk, no curb, no light = No protection

3) We have a large number in our community, a population of 700 on reserve residents.

5) The school bus that caters to our community crosses that highway several times in one day.  It also has to signal to turn in when dropping our children off after school.  Many vehicles started driving around the bus while it was waiting for clearance to turn into the street leading to their drop off points.  There is no possible solution to impede any vehicle from speeding around a school bus; we need a safe solution.

6) It is unsafe for anyone to walk or bike along the side of this highway. 

7) We have a great deal of pedestrian traffic.  Pedestrians use a pathway to Wulastukw Convenience as a shortcut as part of their neighborhood walking route. People walking to and from Wulastukw Convenience located on TCH come from all surrounding areas. 

8) Our current signage states 100 km as a speed limit. In the same proximity, we have a blinking “caution” light.  This blinking caution light has no effect on approaching traffic, for those merging, turning in and/or passing through.

9) There have been three community members hit by a vehicle; two survived.  A few years ago a community member and their passenger were signaling in to the community and a car went around them.  They were rear ended and pushed into oncoming traffic.  The passenger lost his life.

10) Our community has three new subdivisions with a fourth being built that are separated by the TCH from the rest of our community.

11) We are terrified for all community members that have to enter that area, whether they be driving, on foot or biking.

12) The posted speed limit of 100 km/hour incites drivers to drive that speed while proceeding through our community.  Drivers may or may not be aware that this area has high pedestrian traffic and at times high traffic during the busy hours.

13)  We have trouble getting into and out of our streets that run parallel/horizontal to the TCH with vehicles impatiently speeding around and/or in front of our vehicles.

14) This section of TCH has a blinking yellow light and a two way stop. In either direction your view is limited. To avoid the merging traffic eastbound drivers are speeding up after vehicles merge.

15) There are unsafe conditions and 100km/h is far too fast this section of TCH.


- Traffic Study on East/West Bound Traffic to determine average speed, most traveled time of day.

-Determine the average number of vehicles traveling through our community in 24 hours.  State what percentage of those vehicles were/are traveling faster than the 100 km/h speed limit.

-Speed Limit Trailer - with frequent patrol of law enforcement with radar stopping speeding vehicles

-Response to community’s Traffic Calming Requests - -Response and action to multiple requests made by our community’s elected officials.

 We, the undersigned community members, residents of outer lying areas and concerned citizens of Kingsclear 1st Nation, York County, and Province of New Brunswick hereby petition and respectfully request the following change(s) in road safety and traffic control on our section of TCH.

By signing this petition, the signatory affirms that she/he is authorized to do so and thereby bind the owner(s) of the respective parcel to the effect of this petition.

1. Lower the speed limit

2. Create a safe passageway for pedestrians.

3. Give us more light.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!