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Stop Abuse on Dairy Farms

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The issue of dairy

You see all the adds on television, the cute dairy cows prancing about in wide, open grassy fields with a delightful elegance and grace. Of course, you think to yourself, "wow! They sure seem what's all the fuss about dairy?" Well, this is a prime example of false advertising. Dairy companies want you to think that these gentle creature live happy, pain free lives. Sadly, this is not the case in factory farms. 

Dairy cows on factory farms do not produce milk naturally. These kind creatures are raped in order to be artificial inseminated. Once pregnant, the cows will begin to produce milk, however to get as much product as possible, they are hooked up to machines which painfully pump milk from them each day. There is no escape. Cows are often chained down in order to prevent much movement. This is how they live their entire lives. They never see the light of day.

However it is not only the mother cows who are tormented in the dairy industry. Once the baby is born it naturally needs its mother's milk in order to survive. This is unacceptable to the dairy industry. They can't have babies stealing away all this product! So of course, the newborn calves often have spikes strung through their nose to prevent them from suckling. After a few days, or even hours, workers come to forcefully rip away the little one from its momma. The screaming is unbearable. Unable to protect their young, mother cows often go insane from the grief and begin to scream out in anguish for their young ones. They start to sway side to side in clear distress. Would you ever separate a mother from her beloved child? Sadly, the mother is soon forced into pregnancy again and again, until she no longer produces milk. Then its to the slaughter house, where even more horrors await her. 

But what happens to the calves? It really depends on the factory; many calves are beaten, frozen, or starved to death. Females are usually raised the same as their mothers- to suffer a life time of abuse just for their secretions. Males, on the other hand, are sent off to become veal at only a few weeks old. They are so young, they can barely walk. Would you send a tiny infant to be brutally murdered? This petition demands that the Government of Canada looks into creating policies and standards that each dairy farm must abide to in order minimize cruelty. 

By supporting the dairy industry, you are directly contributing to the death of these innocent creatures.

By signing this petition you are letting dairy farms AND the government of Canada know that you no longer tolerate this cruelty. 

Stop the abuse. Boycott. Raise awareness.

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