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Make Online Fentanyl Purchases Illegal

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Right now anybody who knows how to use Google can purchase fentanyl from China LEGALLY! Shipments come directly from China, where there are no restrictions, to the purchasers door step.  Drug dealers in Canada and throughout the world are purchasing this cheap drug and using it to cut cocaine and heroine so they can sell more and make bigger profits.  

Fentanyl-related deaths in Canada for 2016 reached 2,861 with 2017 seeing 4,000.  I alone have been made aware of 3 overdoses within the last day including a friend whose life was cut short due to the epidemic.  

These products should not be so easily accessible and online purchasing and shipment to Canada should be banned!  Furthermore, dealers need to be held accountable for their greedy actions - stiffer penalties for purchasing and possession and murder charges for the ones who sell this to unsuspecting victims.  This needs to stop; we are a first world Country and have the means to keep this product out.

We are sick of watching our loved ones fall victim to this.  Cutting off the source by making it impossible to buy online is just the start.



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