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save the 60 years old pond from the hands of real mafia who demolished illegally.

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The village Konayapalem situated in Chandarlapadu mandal, Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.  In 1958 Mr Vummayya a landlord, builds a pond in his waste land, around 4 acres near Sc and Bc area. With the help of Grampanchayat, the most of village rain water diverted to the pond and sold 7 acres of  additional land to some farmers for irrigation. At that time Vummayya  mentioned in the sale deed, in future he and his descendants couldn't ruin the pond and not sold to any one and give a share for pond development. The pond was fulled  with village rain water two or three times in the year. It was used for irrigation, increasing ground water and drinking for domestic animals. The farmers who purchased the land, used all off their efforts to developed the waste land to wards to agriculture land and paying water tax to the government. The pond gives water directly to 7 acres indirectly to another 7 acres.The farmers produced grain of paddy, gram, some leaf vegetables etc. Now the village is joined in the premises of state capital.The real mafia entered and destroyed the pond illegally, harshly threatening the farmers on 1/6/2016, telling they purchased the pond but having no rights. The farmers couldn't face the mafia appeal to local revenue and police but in vain. They escaping from their duties telling it is a civil matter go for civil court. Both are not interested to keep the rights of farmers, oath of Vummayya and saving of the pond. These small farmers are unable to fight this matter in to court. Its took time taking and economy problem. Mean while in August 2016 the rains flooded in to pond, over flows on the ruined bank and drowned the farmers lands around 30 acres of more than 10 farmers. The farmers cropped cotton, leaf vegetables and gram are suffered by flood. The farmers not having pond couldn't cultivate any crop with out stored water in the pond as well as flood. The government of Andhra Pradesh giving good support to water harvesting sachems. Asking the honorable Andhra Pradesh chief minister to save the pond from the hands of real mafia and save the farmer of Konayapalem. 

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