Please grant Ms. Gemma Geronimo and her husband Enrico Concepcion Permanent Residency

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We, the undersigned, hereby petition that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
(IRCC) grant Gemma Geronimo and all of her family members Permanent Resident status in Canada under section 25 (1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Gemma's lawyer has already submitted an application under this section. (This application is otherwise known as an application for permanent residency on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds.)

Gemma is a victim of human trafficking. She was forced to work as an undocumented worker for over 10 years. Way back in 2005, Gemma paid $14,000 Canadian and even pawned her parents' land, thinking that she could thus work legally in Canada and build a better life for her family. She was however given a fraudulent passport (with a false name and birthdate), which was later taken from her by a representative of her recruitment agency the moment she landed in Canada. As an undocumented worker, she has lived in constant fear, since no one could tell her about the necessary legal steps she could take. Until Gemma was arrested by the Canadian Border Services Agency in January 16, 2016, and she was advised by her church group to seek the support of Migrante Ontario, Gemma had no idea about how she and her husband, also an undocumented worker, could change their situation. 

Gemma and Rico have two important reasons for seeking a change for the better. They have two beautiful children: their daughter Mae is 10 years 
old, and son Eli is 6 years old. Both were born here in Canada.

Gemma's application for Permanent Residency on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds is still under investigation. 
However, there is more danger on the horizon. Gemma now needs more than one lawyer. On March 6, 2017, the CBSA, may issue a deportation order, setting a date on which they should leave the country. If a deportation or removal order is indeed given on March 6th, Gemma’s lawyers intend to submit a deferral motion, but a Stay Motion will also be submitted, anchored on the premise that the two children are in school and the abrupt termination of their education will not be in their best interests. Their lawyers are presently studying other legal options. The legal process so far charted out will cost them approximately $4,000.

Gemma has worked and contributed to Canada's economy, and has shown an enthusiasm to be involved in the Filipino community, volunteering at churches and with Filipino community organizations. 

Gemma has worked with dedication and integrity at the jobs she was able to find, despite the precariousness of her situation. She deserves a permanent resident status! Her family deserves a resident status

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