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Amend Changes to Ontario Ministry of Transportation Safety Standards for Passenger Cars

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On July 1, 2016, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation ("the Ministry") will begin enforcing it's new "OEM or illegal" safety standards for passenger vehicles and light trucks in the Province of Ontario. As a member of the automotive enthusiast community ("the Community"), I am saddened by these new safety standards as it will take away the ability for myself and those like me to build and own vehicles that fit our personalities.

These standards will also cripple the aftermarket industry in Ontario that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year and creates tens of thousands of jobs for hard working Ontarians like you and I. Without "the Community" banding together and sharing our voice, I fear that these businesses will close; causing job losses and financial hardship for those affected.

I do agree that more needs to be done to ensure that "the Community" and everyone with a vehicle adheres to safety laws; but the "OEM or illegal" mentality is the wrong mentality to have. If "the Ministry" is seeking ways to keep the public safe, making all vehicle modifications illegal is not the way to do it.

I believe that through programs where Law Enforcement and "the Community" work together to educate vehicle owners on what are safe and legal modifications, we can reduce instances of vehicles that are modified unsafely, thus reducing the potential for mechanical failure that could cause a motor vehicle collision.  To provide blanket laws or standards that begin to take away the right to freedom of expression is not how we educate "the Community" on proper ways of modifying their vehicles.

Mr. Del Duca and Ms. Wynne, I urge you to reconsider the "OEM or illegal" safety standards and work with those in "the Community" and Law Enforcement to come up with safety standards that won't negatively impact Ontario in a tremendous way. In many instances the "OEM" parts we are replacing with aftermarket parts make our vehicles safer by allowing for greater control. They also can help make them cleaner and more fuel efficient.


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