Bring Back BH Anil Kumar IAS - Our Citizens officer to BBMP

Bring Back BH Anil Kumar IAS - Our Citizens officer to BBMP

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Our citizen friendly, hardworking, honest, responsible, kind and Compassionate BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar IAS was transferred from BBMP on 18th July 2020 by the State Government of Karnataka!!!
Today we citizens are writing this petition to the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi requesting him to bring our honest officer back into the city administration back. His term for serving is not over and we citizens have been waiting for an upright officer like him to save our city.

Transparency and accountability was the quality he brought to the system and changed many things in such a short span of time, seeing someone like him after ages has opened the eyes of the citizens to see on how administration actually functions under the oath of our Constitutional duty, Governance under such great leaders of our country. He bridged the gap between the citizens and administration that lacked, here are a list of achievements to our city under his leadership at BBMP that are so good to know that we will want more amazing work from him to give more life to our city:-

1. Bengaluru city and its citizens participated in Swach Survekshan survey conducted by Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs. He also ensured citizens volunteered for better Governance & need of the hour!
2. Our City had changed from “Garden city” to “Silicon Valley”, to ensure not just us but the coming generations had good trees live around, he encouraged and got started “Koti Vruksha Saniya” a tree plantation drive, and ensured trees are long lasting.
3. Focused on working towards preservation and conservation of our wetlands in the city by ensuring their maintenance, controlling encroachment menace & restoration of lakes
4. Clearance of Blackspots of garbage in the city, improving the roads by fixing the potholes!
5. He was praised by PM Modi himself for setting up of the first war room in the country to battle Covid19, which was also praised and recognised by WHO (World Health Organization) and the war room model was adopted across India. This got our state Government a lot of respect and appreciation.
6. He encouraged massive awareness in terms of Covid19, Solid waste Management. He also has urged the citizens for volunteering, encouraging them in the absence of adequate staff & at the same time improving facilities for existing staff.
7. Simplification of system was encouraged by regular updates and changes towards the Municipality website which is citizen friendly today and gives everyone access to information on time, in comparison to the previous administration which was never done during their terms.
8. Encouragement and support towards the BBMP Wildlife team and Animal Husbandry was equally given under the guidelines of MOEFCC and AWBI guidelines for functioning and preservation. He balances like its best of both worlds, these departments were ignored, functioned out of standard guidelines under the previous administration to BH Anil Kumar IAS.
9. Functioning of BBMP office and work was super fast under his leadership.
10. Have you ever seen officers like him walking everyday on grounds of our city to solve issues on ground?? We have never seen that before he came to office, he not only did that but he lead from the front his other officers in the team to work like that even during the heavy monsoons.

And I can go on, one petition is not enough. Now let us all citizens of Bengaluru sign this petition to ensure he is brought back and ensure good work continues. Let us encourage good officers and good administration, you can visit his social media to see more of those moments from above and more. We request you all to sign and share this petition.