Please bring back home Canadians stranded in Egypt.

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Letter beseeching the Prime Minister of Canada to repatriate Canadians stranded in Egypt.
Canada has always taken care of Canadians
The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
As international flight restrictions have been imposed by various governments around the world and with the closures of multiple airports and the grounding of thousands of flights, a growing number of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are left to their own devices, in Egypt, without logistical help from our government to return home.  
These Canadians and permanent residents are vulnerable, anxious and powerless. We share their feelings and worries. We must assist their efforts to return home. It is our duty and their inedible right.
These Canadians and permanent residents find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. They have become trapped in Egypt, which has shut its airports and grounded flights with insufficient notice to find alternative flights. As covid-19 continues to wreak havoc, these Canadians are left without any medical or financial assistance, often accompanied by their children, and they are running out of time.
We must act now. We must bring them home.
Canada has always been the beacon of solidarity and humanity. Canada has always sent aid when other countries and populations have experienced hardships. We simply cannot abandon our own when we have been proactive in helping others.
We implore the Canadian government to negotiate with the Egyptian governmental bodies to allow the Canadian government to send flights to the airports in Egypt where Canadians are stranded.
And, more importantly, please allocate funds and resources to send planes to Egypt where our co-citizens are helplessly waiting for our assistance to return home.
Let Canada continue to lead the way and inspire other nations; bring our families, and our friends, and our colleagues home.
Yours Truly
Adel Boulos
President, ECBN