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Justice for Robert in Pursuit of a new trail for medical negligence

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My name is Robert Elliott Kirksey, jr and I am seeking a new trail in my lawsuit after the jury rendered a shocking 10 to 2 verdict against me on December 1, 2017 despite two well-established physicians William DeBassio,M.D.,(Assistant Professor, Boston University school of Medicine) and L. Douglas Wilkerson (former Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania school of Medicine) came forward and provided expert testimony that my UPMC doctor had provided me to high an initial dose, and too high an escalation of Lamictal, when combined with another anti-seizure medication, violating the standard of care and increasing the risk of harm to me.

As a result of being provided too much Lamictal, I develop Steven-Johnson syndrome causing burns from the inside out, and me to nearly die, and suffer emotional trauma as well as permanent scars on my face, hands, and back. My eyes are also pink now causing people to believe when they passed me on the street that I am on drugs when I am not.

I am requesting that the trial judge the Honorable Michael A. Della Vecchia, provide me with a new trail or that judgment be imposed against the defendants. I believe the judge is an honest man and I would ask that you sign this petition in support of the request I am making to the judge.

I also believe that if the trail result is not overturned, that the standard of care here in Pittsburgh will be eroded, and that it may result in the manufacturer of Lamictal, Glaxo Smith Kline, being able to provide doses to children here in Pittsburgh that are too high, risking other children’s lives.

Thank you for your support. May God bless you.

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