Reform Land Tax In Barbados to make it equitable and affordable for all property owners

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Ian Sampson
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The aim of this Petition is to request a meeting with the Minister of Finance in a Townhall setting where property owners of Barbados can address their concerns over the exorbitant increases in Land Tax, the shortening of the due date period and other inequities in valuations.

Ideally, we seek to have this meeting at the earliest opportunity given that the deadline is July 26th 2019 for payment of the current Land Tax bills.  It is our aim to find an fair and just solution in reforming the tax to make it more affordable and equitably distributed amongst all property owners in Barbados.

An example of how inequitable Land Tax currently is:  There are two individual homeowners who are neighbours in townhouses of the same configuration.  They share a wall and a roof. One owner has been billed $10,000 in Land Tax and the other one $1,500.   There are numerous situations like this and it is a burden on many, while others are paying Land Tax which amounts to less than a dollar a day in some cases.  This is wholly unjust and unacceptable. The methodology used for assessing the valuation of property is not transparent.

We seek to reform this tax to make it more affordable and sustainable for Barbadians to own land, homes and businesses, which will result in a reduction indelinquencies.  We want to be able to leave property to our children as their inheritance and not have to worry about if they will lose it because they can’t afford to pay their land tax bills.  We cannot afford to pay this tax!

We seek a solution that will make it easier for the Government to collect the taxes that they need to run this country and for us as citizens to afford to pay these taxes, and keep our homes.

The foregoing represents the basis of our concerns which we hope will meet with your favourable consideration.


If you are in agreement with this Petition and want to meet with our Government to discuss reasonable measures that can be taken to reform Land Tax to make it affordable to property owners, please sign this petition and share it. 

Let us come together and let our voices be heard for Barbados!