Help Me Get Special Forensic Investigators Before It's Too Late

Help Me Get Special Forensic Investigators Before It's Too Late

July 3, 2021
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The Honorable Merrick B. Garland Attorney General of the United States U.S. Department of Justice
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Why this petition matters

Started by Marilyn Ashley

     I, the undersigned, do petition The Honorable Merrick B. Garland, Attorney General of the United States to send special agents of the U.S. Department of Justice to Erie, Niagara, and Monroe Counties to investigate racial and status bias, negligence, criminal, and prosecutorial misconduct by several Businesses and their employees whose action threatens and jeopardizes a person's right to safety, a right to peace, a right to protect, and provide a secure contractual agreement for their paying clients.

     I urge you to bring this to the attention of the Director of National Intelligence, and Forensic as acts of domestic terrorism, violence, vandalism, intellectual theft, grossly violations of numerous statues and prosecution codes while operating under State and Federal enforced Business laws, because this Conduct is a National Security threat to ALL .

     My name is Marilyn Ashley, I'm a disabled Senior Accountant. Over the past years, I have numerously tried to bring to the attention of local city, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies, violations against my person, in the form of organized crimes of attacks and abuse of power.

     This would include experiencing: illegal entry into my property, several personal injuries, property damages, auto vandalism, theft of secured college transcripts, theft of Intellectual property, theft of financial workbooks and private information from computers, and networking devices. The illegal filing of unemployment payments, gang stalking, phone harrassment, theft of utilities, with the intent to destroy video, equipment, and camera footage of crimes committed. I can not, nor am I allowed to work, but others are allowed to work under my stolen credentials through illegal means.

     All crimes described were committed behind costly secured entry deadbolts. Financial documents, and equipment were contained in double locking devices, as well as all being protected under ADT home security paid services.

      The Companies were notified of electrical theft, building code was notified of holes in flooring under carpeting, property owner was notified, legal claims were filed in several County courts, labor board was notified, which only intensified gang like activity of physical abuse, vandalism, and financial attacks.

     In fact, instead of appearing at several schedule court hearings, they were in fact, inside my rental vandalizing and opening fraudulent online accounts to by-pass the paid ADT home security system so that it would fail to notify me of an intruder.

      This, I discovered, when I retrieved the image of a male hiding in my basement, while I was inside the property, and ADT did not notify me of the intruder. The latest criminal act, was the theft of my CCTV monitor remote, after law enforcement was notified of the image.

     Attorney General Garland, if this case were a stand-alone event, I would not feel the need to ask for your intervention. However, I'm sure others have experience similar events. I have done all I can do to bring awareness, and getting help, but I need your intervention regarding this abuse of power. Procedures are not being followed to hold those accountable for their actions.

     A Real Estate owner, management, family tenant, or renting contractor, by law, does not have the legal right to obtain unauthorized copies of high security entry keys to locking devices they did not purchase. Especially if they failed to secure the property, the device has strict rules for authorized duplication, does not damage the property, or are involved in illegal activity. Nor can they, employee, family tenant, or hired contractor legally break into computer hardware and other devices for intellectual property such as financial workbooks for personal use, steal, use, or sell secured college transcripts, theft of electrical services, or rig my security alarm system once they have entered.

     A locksmith or employee of, can not legally make keys to special security locks for a person who did not purchase the federally protected secure locking device, nor can that lock smith open a security safe that clearly belongs to another, to gain access to a persons secured college transcripts, and personal identity info stored inside.

     The same law applies for illegally obtained copies of auto keys or any key fob that is programed to lock or alarm as a security device.

     A merchant business owner,  employee, seller of, can not legally retrieve locking device information, such as key coding, combination locks, to be sold to another with the intention of using such information against a paying customer before such locking device has been sold.

     A contractor who installs windows and doors, can not legally rig your residence for illegal re-entry.

     This abuse of power done to create debt for some and wealth for others most be stopped. Their audit trail is far too long to be added to this petition.

     Amazon, recently announced their Alexa and Echo devices will be sharing your wifi with your neighbors. About seventy-five percent of Americans have these smart devices in their homes controlling entry doors, lights, heating, etc. I'm not knocking Amazon. 

     The point here is, My devices where behind several security devices, are Not Alexa or Echo devices, where not on wifi, nor setup to be shared. If you are one of the seventy-five percentages, Imagine these certain individuals getting a hold of your device.

     I invite everyone to sign this petition who has experienced this same type of abuse of power, from owners, employee's, or those through association who abuse company resources for criminal and financial gain, that destroy lives, or as in my case has caused physical injuries and wrongful death in the pursuit of money. 

     I encourage you to sign this petition if you are in favor of bringing forth awareness, of holding such companies responsible for their illegal activity, the actions of those under employment, or those working in conjunction with them. 

     I urge you to sign, to ensure that laws that protect locking and security devices are strictly enforced, nor altered to suit another's personal agenda.

     Most importantly, I ask for your help, because I can not, and have learned, I will not get the help I need locally, to fight back and protect myself against those involved in such despicable crimes and behavior.

     According to ADT, the Average Employee steals 10 times more than the Average criminal. ADT Security Services should have prevented all of this from occurring, instead it's employees participated. These crimes of abuse of power are growing, are very real, help is being blocked, and the crimes are getting covered up.       

Your signature will get the outside attention I need. Your signature will help in getting me the special forensic agents needed to collect the digital footprint left behind by those responsible for the personal intrusion of digital equipment. Your greatly appreciated signature will help secure a prosecution to the fullest extend of the law.

Please, sign this petition, I need a forensic Investigation, before it's too Late!



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Signatures: 76Next Goal: 100
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