Securing water for Emmdale Roadhouse

Securing water for Emmdale Roadhouse

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Shelley Rogers started this petition to The honorable Melinda Pavey, minister for water NSW

“Thank God You're Here!“ is often what you hear when people walk through the doors at Emmdale!

Emmdale Roadhouse is situated 100km east of Wilcannia and 150km west of Cobar and 350km east of Broken Hill. It provides a vital service for the local farming families, truck drivers and the travelling community.

Emmdale Road house is a valuable service that facilitates a place for local farming families to have a well deserved break from the toll of working in an ever-changing and at times harsh environment and also in supporting our mental health and well being by gathering, eating meals and enjoying the company of friends and new faces alike. Many farming families purchase their fuel at Emmdale which saves them time and travel related expenses. The next available petrol stations are in Wilcannia, Cobar and Ivanhoe, which for some people can be a great distance to travel. The local community also hold their festive celebrations at Emmdale which helps to boost the morale of the isolated community.

Emmdale Road House also provides a much needed service for the travelling community especially for those who are ill equipped and inexperienced with the extreme travelling conditions. Virginia and the staff at Emmdale often have to provide first aid relief to those who are suffering from heat stroke, dehydration and respite in relation to long distance driving.

Truck drivers use Emmdale to have their meal breaks, use the showers to freshen up and take a break from driving. Often truckies rely on Emmdale as a place to pull up if their trucks have mechanical problems or if they are sick or injured.

There has also been a number of incidences where the Police, the RFDS and RFS have needed Virginia's assistance to help provide communication as well as visual reports on what's happening on the Barrier Highway.

Since 2015, Virginia Beard, the owner of Emmdale Road house, has been trying to secure a permanent bore water supply to sustain Emmdale for the future. At present Emmdale is relying on a governtment dam for which she pays a lease. This is not reliable during times of drought. Alternatively there is a non-potable bore to which Virginia supplied the pipeline and also applied for a government grant to help fund the pipeline and paid a fee to the landowners of the bore and has taken on the responsibility of any maintenance and repairs.

Unfortunately in 2015 Virginia was made aware by the landowners that this was not to be a permanent arrangement for Emmdale Roadhouse and since then Virginia has invested heavily to find a permanent bore. She sunk a bore on Emmdale which unfortunately resulted in unusable salty water.

Since the beginning Virginia has been in contact with the Central Darling Shire council, Cobar shire council, Roads and Maritime Services, State and Federal government and Virginia and Emmdale's case has continuously been put in the “it's not our responsibility” basket and now it's at the point where Emmdale Road house could be closed for good due to the financial and mental toll this has had on Virginia.

Presently, only a few Kms down from Emmdale, there is 2 bores and tanks that were newly set up by the RMS so that they can periodically use water to repair the Barrier Highway, and one of these bores is at a close distance to Emmdale and Virginia has been trying to come up with an arrangement to secure water for Emmdale, offering to finance the whole project and  again she has been continually hitting roadblocks and was told that it's not possible.

Virginia and Emmdale has suffered just as badly, if not more so than the farming families during this long drought because she has received no support from the government to access permanent water which is already physically available. 

Every person and business who pays rates and taxes should have the right to access basic services like reliable water.

We need your support in getting behind Virginia in securing the future for Emmdale Road House and it's community!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!