Poor service delivery City Power, Johannesburg Water and JRA

Poor service delivery City Power, Johannesburg Water and JRA

8 February 2022
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The Honorable Mayor Mpho Phalatse
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Why this petition matters

Dear Mayor Mpho Phalatse

We would like to invite you to a meeting with concerned residents from the Weltevreden and Randpark Ridge community. 
We have a number of pressing unresolved and urgent issues.  

City Power Issues 

1.  The frequent, prolonged power failures experienced.  These outages are very frequent and can go on for 48 to 72 hours at times.  This situation is totally unacceptable.  It would seem that a temporary fix in 2021 changed them from Block 16 to Block 8.  This may be causing an overload on a line not designed to bare a permanent load of such volume.  There needs to be an urgent and thorough investigation done to rectify and address the problem.

The other problem is the number of kiosks on the pavements and mini-substations that don't have closeable/lockable doors and are open and exposed to the elements and accessible to vandals, criminals and pranksters to tamper with the electrical feed to homes.

Johannesburg Water 

2.  We have frequent burst water pipes in the area, causing the flooding in a number of homes, resulting in massive water loss, extensive damage to property, and not without serious inconvenience to the residents.  The suburb is looking shabby with all the excavations which also take extended time periods to be reinstated and are then not well reinstated either.  There are areas where new pipes need to be laid due to the old ones being in a dilapidated state. 

We have a number of Fire Hydrants that are non-existent.  These were missing after new water meters were installed some years back.    Many of the hydrants are leaking and in need of maintenance.  We have been requesting and reporting the need since about 2017 at least, without any resolve.  We have mapped the area and can and have provided the exact positions were attention is needed. 

Johannesburg Roads Department 

3.  We have numerous very dangerous open storm water drains and despite reporting these frequently, we have absolutely no response from JRA.  Not even a reference number.   Are we waiting for a serious injury where someone will take the Municipality to court for injury or loss of life before the matter is addressed? 

4.  We have requested reinstatement of barriers, and additional barriers for the safety of homes on dangerous corners, this too is neglected for almost a year now.  

As a community, we kindly and respectfully request a visit by yourself and the departments responsible for our complaints at your earliest convenience, urgently please.

If you would please confirm a date and time for your visit we would be most grateful. 

Thanking you in advance from the community represented by 

The Welridge Residents Association 

Audrey Vrachionidis

WRA Chairlady


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Signatures: 348Next Goal: 500
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