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Changing A Legislation is the "Honourable" Step To Take

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Hi Everyone,

I am hoping for your help and support. My goal is to create positive changes and educate how our mental and medical care systems work in Canada so nobody has to go through what I have been struggling with for the last 5 years - since 2012. I was raised with very strong family values and believe that family is number one.

When people are medically or mentally ill, they deserve proper care and treatment as well as follow ups. I have only received dismissal and dishonesty.

I am hoping to get a legislation changed to allow me to have shared guardianship along with my father and the OPGT which stands for "The Office of the Public Trustee".  This office is a government branch that is supposed to care for the most vulnerable people in our society - the mentally ill. My father suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. This man was a brilliant computer engineer before this awful illness took over.

The reason I am fighting so vigilantly is because I want my father financially secure and the design of this system is very flawed. The chance of my father getting cut off is extremely high. These trustees have full financial control over the mentally incapable yet never meet them. Sometimes nobody is assigned for months at a time and they switch constantly. There are no social workers or healthcare provided at all. This is a tragedy in my opinion. It took me going to the news after months of trying with no luck just to get a returned phone call -

Schizophrenic man's daughter glad he's off the streets for now <>

I have not seen my father since I have been little and it was not for a lack of trying. I tried on numerous occasions to fill out a missing person report and I was always told by the police that my father did not want to be found. My mother was fairly protective of me when I was little. The police have not been helpful in regards to this situation and in on one occasion made the situation much worse as my father is paranoid and being surrounded by policemen by a non-paranoid person is traumatic enough, my father will not come near me now. I begged them to be nice. They did not listen.

The employee my father has dealt with for the last 10 years is also retiring. I have no control of what may happen to my father nor his financial situation. 

These errors were all made when I was a child and in the care of the Catholic Children's Aid Society and major errors made by others, including my social worker. I found this out after retrieving my file after this phone call came about. She is now retired. I was denied this opportunity at the age of majority, although I was with the Catholic Chidren's Aid until I was 21 as I chose to continue my post secondary studies. Is it not a standard practice to release a file or copy of a file, once a client leaves?  Why is nothing explained?

My mother passed away in 1994 when I was 14 years old while she was visiting family in Poland. I am an only child and my father is my only family in Toronto. My mother was journalist and later a beauty editor. She was very proactive in what she believed in and always taught me to stand up for myself. She was so very caring and loving. I miss her everyday.

I will never again be able to have a relationship with my father because of this. I believe I have the right to make sure that the person whom gave me life is as financially safe as possible and as best taken care of as possible.

I have done my best to get my father medical care on numerous occasions. This was a major challenge as I had to go to the Justice of the Peace to get a Form 2. I have 72 hours to find my father on the street and get the cooperation along with the police. Nobody will ever be able to understand the emotional pain a loved one suffers seeing their close one in this state and yet feel so helpless unless they have to experience it.

During this time period, I shattered my elbow bicycle riding because I did not want to hit a child, a sacrifice I would be willing to make always. St. Michael's Hospital cast my wrist. Days later I go to Michael Garron Hospital as I am in excruciating pain. I am told I need emergency surgery for my elbow. All physiotherapy is out of pocket unless a surgery is over 8 hours. I contacted St. Michael's Patient Relations Department . I never received a reply.  I spend months calling lists of supposedly O.H.I.P covered physiotherapy and taking time off of work to find out there is always a stipulation on why I am ineligible.

I have done my best to get myself some counseling as seeing my father after all these years and in the state he is in is traumatic. It took an abnormal ecg to finally make this happen after 4 years of trying.

I got told to apply for ODSP - "Ontario Disability Support Program" which is not something I want to do as I much prefer to work. The forms are not online. They are not at the office. It takes months and a referral from my family doctor to get a medical care social worker. We go to the ODSP meeting together. ODSP takes 6-8 months. Everyone gets denied the first time and it takes another 6-8 months to appeal. Also, with the tiny amount given, if a person works and makes over $200 a month, it is all garnished from wages. Ontario Works does not cover any physiotherapy and a person is not allowed to make more than $330 a month. Yes, you read that correctly.

I have sent over 3,500 emails to date just for paid employees to do their job and come up with a resolution.

I am a very decent, giving and caring person whom only wants the best for her family and to work like I did previously - very productively and making others smile. This has caused an incredible amount of damage, time, health lost that could have been prevented with honesty, communication and follow ups.

I love my career as a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist, blogger and author -

I have a case open with the Upper Law Society as well because of the errors made when I was a minor. I have not heard back in a while.

I have only done my best to get resolution.  This is my family.

We all need care, stability and peace when we aren't well. Luckily, I have had a tremendous amount of support. Some others are not so lucky and my goal is to make this system much better. Cooperation and communication is necessary. Taking responsibility a must.

While dealing with all of this, everything I ever owned including family heirlooms, photos, clothing, furniture, taxes and documents were disposed of while I was at work. I called the police to find out who was responsible as this building has cameras. I was told it was a civil issue. That was it. I contacted the Chief of Police and I have not heard back.  I do not want to press charges as this is not the type of person I am at all and it will solve nothing. This is a situation which can happen sadly, where there is a lack of family.

I have been communicating with the "Honorable Justin Trudeau's" Office as his own mother suffers from bipolar. Mental illness is incredibly hard to deal with alone. My own health has suffered. I just want to smile and be healthy every day.

P.s Please feel free to share. I would like only to make everything better for everyone. Goodness forbid you get ill here or have an accident. I love Canada. I am a very proud Canadian Citizen. Cheers to better medical and mental healthcare.

I do not believe anyone should become homeless because of the errors of others.

I need your help and support please. This situation has made me very grateful for what I do have and this includes you.  Thank you.


Natalia Zurawska

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