Unsealing divorce records referenced in the book Son of a Predator by David Davis

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This is a petition to unseal the divorce records of the health care providers referred to in the book Son of a Predator by David Davis. Two of the eight honorable judges mentioned in this petition are actually involved with this case.

When enough signatures have been collected those two judges will be sent this petition.

While divorce records are usually public, both of the aforementioned parties agreed to have them sealed in order to conceal their actions from the public. The author has made repeated attempts to contact the court in this matter, but can't afford to compete with the $750 an hour lawyers that both parties have retained.

The author feels the seven letters written to the court (shown in below websites) should be more than enough to warrant having the court unseal the documents, as this a pretty clear public health and safety issue. Texas law specifically states that records should be unsealed, "if it is in the publics best interest," but the victim in this issue is not a lawyer.

As a former patient of both parties, the author believes the documents are crucial for other patients to view (current, past and future) so they can make informed decisions about the health care they are receiving, have received or are going to receive.

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Please note that 20% of all profits from the book go to the WDAVIS Foundation a 501 C3 established to protect others from the predators described in the book and also help their victims take their lives back.

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Thank you for reading this petition and (hopefully) signing this petition. The author believes at his core that opening the aforementioned records will help protect the general public and help past victims come to terms with what happened to them.

It is also his sincere hope that this petition and the book he wrote will help bring this matter to light so the right people can address this public health and safety issue.