Help Sloane Thompson, 4, Stay Safe and Have Her Abuse Investigated

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Dear The Honorable Judge Rosen,

A situation has come to our attention and you are one person who can make a difference. There is a video of Sloane Thompson, age 4, absolutely petrified to go with her father, and her mother helpless to stop this due to court orders. She has been reporting abuse by her father since May. Sloane has been terrified to go on 36 hour visits every other weekend and now is forced to stay with her alleged abuser permanently. Sloane's father was granted full custody and her mother's emergency motion has been put off until September. 

We implore you to pause Mr. Ashhurst’s unsupervised visitation and full temporary physical custody while the matter can be investigated correctly by DCFS and the LAPD. There is one accusation of improper nutrition while at her father’s house. This may be easily missed if her mother is providing adequate nutrition the majority of the time. There is also the accusation of being punched in the stomach, a technique we have heard of many times in the cases of children who die from child abuse and torture, as it is much harder to bruise the plumper areas of the abdomen, and easier to cover than extremities or the face. She is on video claiming this, though not on YouTube. 

It is clear from the video we saw that something is wrong here. It looked like a kidnapping, not a custody exchange. No child should be sent screaming with their alleged abuser while police officers stand there to enforce it and no parent should have to choose to put their child through more abuse or lose their own ability to fight for that child. 

No one is asking for Mr. Ashhurt’s rights to be taken away. Please just think of Sloane’s rights and safety and simply pause the unsupervised visitation and make sure this matter is properly investigated. Not the way that the torture of Gabriel Fernandez, Anthony Avalos, and Noah Cuatro was investigated. I’m sure you recognize their names, but if you don’t, they were 8, 10, and 4. Were. And DCFS knew them all prior to their deaths and did nothing. Please don’t let the same happen with Sloane Thompson. She is four. We wish to see her turn 5, let alone 18. Please see that this matter is investigated and please do what is in only your power to keep her safe during. If Sloane becomes the next child failed by DCFS and the legal system, we, the public, will be demanding answers from you

Please, Not One More Child. Please, not Sloane Thompson.

Thank you for your time,
Not One More

The video of Sloane’s mother tearfully handing her to her alleged abuser can and should be viewed here:


To the Los Angeles DCFS and case workers Maayan Kachlon, Martha Castaneda, and Harrison Ajbon:

Please stop waiting for visible marks before making moves with young children. Stop your policy of waiting until it is too late. There is obviously something wrong here and a child needs help. Even psychological and emotional abuse can leave lasting damage. Physical abuse that doesn't leave marks yet doesn't mean one day an abuser won't lose control. If something happens to Sloane, we will be asking questions of you. Please do what is in your power. We know you are overburdened but that should never end up with failed children. 

Thank you for your time,
Not One More