Accused animal torturer Justin Visconti must get the maximum sentence

Accused animal torturer Justin Visconti must get the maximum sentence

October 7, 2020
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Started by Sarah waters

Justin Visconti, a resident of the Long Island suburb of Mineola, N.Y., was arrested and charged with severe and heart-wrenching animal abuse and cruelty in November of 2019. He was charged with four counts of aggravated animal cruelty after a resident and building employees discovered several dead animals in the trash chute at the Porter Regency building on Lincoln Avenue in Mineola. They made the discoveries over several different occasions.

The cats were wrapped in duct tape, cardboard boxes and sheets. Investigators said the kittens and cats died from blunt force trauma.

"These cats were badly mutilated, these cats were tortured by some means," said Jed Painter with the Nassau DA Animal Crimes Unit. "We had multiple broken bones. In fact, one of the animals, pretty much every single bone in the body was broken."

In August of 2020, Visconti was found to be possession of another cat, which was removed from him. 

Visconti's next appearance in court is scheduled for March 2022.  

This petition appeals to the Honorable Anne T. Donnelly, Nassau County District Attorney, to deal with this matter expeditiously. Animal lives are at stake. 

The particularly grizzly and horrifying crimes allegedly committed by Mr. Visconti, if proven to be true, warrant significant time behind bars and sustained mental health counseling. 

Please sign in support applying the highest possible sentencing in this case, and to put in place all protections of animals in danger of falling into the hands of this and other abusers. 

UPDATE: It has been over two years and there is little progress on this matter. The accused is free to abuse others. 

Thank you,

Members of the Animal Welfare Alliance of Norway, concerned residents of Nassau County, NY., and others around the world.  


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Signatures: 1,409Next Goal: 1,500
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