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Petitioning Mayor of the City of Cape Girardeau The Honorable Harry D. Rediger and 6 others

The Honorable Harry D. Rediger - Mayor of the City of Cape Girardeau: Please overturn the deer hunting ordinance in Cape Girardeau Missouri

Let us STOP the unsafe, cruel, misguided deer hunting ordinance. 180,700 deer were killed during 2012-2013 alone. Bow Hunting is not humane. Studies have shown that 50% of deer hit by a hunters arrow are crippled rather than killed.

Letter to
Mayor of the City of Cape Girardeau The Honorable Harry D. Rediger
Cape Girardeau City Council Cape Girardeau City Council
Cape Girardeau City Council M Proffer
and 4 others
Cape Girardeau City Council D. Tracy
Cape Girardeau City Council L. Schneider
Cape Girardeau City Council M. Lanzotti
Cape Girardeau City Council K. Swan
Please overturn the deer hunting ordinance in Cape Girardeau Missouri.

Urban deer hunting and archery target practice in residential areas are not right for Cape Girardeau. - Cape Girardeau's beautiful natural surroundings and wildlife contribute significantly to our quality of life and deserve to be treasured. Quality of life will influence the city's future development. We believe that maintenance of safety as well as preservation of green space and wildlife will optimize quality of life and encourage more and more families to make Cape Girardeau their home.

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