Save Fairfield Park - reinstate parking to give access to ALL people

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24/7 Pop-up Bike Lanes adversely impact all Fairfield Park Users.

Fairfield Park is enjoyed by young and old, mobile and mobile impaired, bike riders, river users, locals and tourist visitors to the area.

In late 2020, without promised community consultation, VicRoads installed the first 24/7 Pop-up Bike Lanes in Victoria by dedicating two lanes of Heidelberg Road for exclusive bike use.

The concept is commendable but the placement in this location is ill-conceived.

It has severely restricted and disadvantaged the community from accessing Fairfield Park and the Yarra River.

ALL parking adjacent to Fairfield Park & businesses between Arthur, Station & Jeffrey Streets was removed overnight.

According to the VicRoads website:

"We are developing the new Pop-up Bike support more people to ride their bikes on the network, and connect key bike riding routes."

“We’ll be speaking with residents and local businesses affected by changes to car parking to provide early notice…”.

In fact:

* There was no early notice and no community consultation.

* This commuting option pops out of nowhere and severs access to the park.

* There is no logical user-friendly link to any bike network.

* Bike commuting routes are already in place through the parkland.

* This pop-up experiment duplicates a section of the existing Main Yarra Trail which goes to Roseneath & Hoddle Street corner, the same destination as this new 'Heidelberg Road Link' Pop-up.

* puts bike riders on the road with frustrated motorists looking for car parking in residential areas after being funnelled into the dead-end, overcrowded Fairfield Park car park.

The removal of approx. 70 car parking spaces (60% of spaces in the vicinity), seriously disadvantages:

* parents and carers of children using Fairfield playground (who are now noticeably absent from this amazing local asset),
* recreational park users,
* art & culture lovers visiting 350 capacity Fairfield Amphitheatre,
* Ivanhoe and Northcote Canoe Club/school groups, river & dog walkers,
community organisations,
* visitors to the Historic Fairfield Park Boathouse & people travelling to the park for special celebrations (birthdays, weddings, wakes),
* friends and family meetings by the riverside BBQ’s

All are forced to find parking in permit only & distant local side streets, adjust to confusing new traffic restrictions and cross six lanes of road traffic.

We are calling on VicRoads to consider the wider communities interests, the wellbeing of Fairfield Park, important local businesses and the safety of its many and varied users.

We ask for an immediate review of the 24/7 Pop-up Bike Lanes and reinstatement of previous parking conditions.

Help us to right this wrong and make Fairfield Park accessible to all.