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Ensure at least one afternoon MLB game every day

WHEREAS, Baseball is America's past time, WHEREAS, is great and lets us watch baseball from our desks while we are hard at work driving America's economic recovery, WHEREAS, we the people have been very good this year and deserve a special gift, WHEREAS, baseball is a proven source of diplomatic goodwill, with star players coming from throughout Latin America, Asia, and Europe, WHEREAS, in the 1950's during America's boom economic times they played baseball all the time in the afternoon,

WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND AT LEAST ONE AFTERNOON MLB GAME EVERY DAY (and preferably also one 10 PM game for after we have put the kids/spouse to bed and for our West Coast brethren)

Thank you, and G-d bless America.

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  • The Honorable Barack Obama and/or the Reasonably OK Bud Selig

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