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The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State: Make Flood Insurance Companies Accountable and Responsive

When you purchase Flood Insurance for your home you hope that in times of disaster, you will be protected and your damages will be covered. It has been over 5 weeks post Storm Sandy and Flood Insurance Companies have failed to send advanced checks and some have not even done inspections as yet. FEMA arrived promptly and made direct payments to accounts. Those with Flood Insurance were denied FEMA grants because you are required to use your flood insurance. However, National Flood Insurance Program,  purchased through FEMA has not complied with Governor Cuomo's directives to notify underwriters not to require deductibles be met and not to further burden victims with unnecessary paperwork requiring serial numbers, rather than photographs. Those receiving FEMA grants have been able to make repairs to the basics: electric, heating systems, hot water, mold control. However, those of us with flood Insurance are frustrated and feel penalized for being responsible home owners. Furthermore, Governor Cuomo has promised further grants be available from the state for those receiving the maximum under FEMA. Yet, those with Flood Insurance are receiving minimal coverage under their claims and are NOT entitled to this grant from the state. We are asking Governor Cuomo to make Flood Insurance companies accountable and responsive to us and to give those of us at the mercy of our insurance companies the same protection and aid.

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  • The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State
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